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Meet George Lavender

In 2010, we joined millions of our fellow Americans across the country, stood up to Barack Obama and the liberals in Washington D.C., and elected strong conservatives to office. Here locally, we chose George Lavender as our State Representative.

Lavender pledged to protect Texas from federal intrusion. He promised to defend our God-given freedoms against those, who have no respect for the Constitution.

That’s exactly what he’s done.

George is known as one of the most dependably conservative members of the Texas State House of Representatives. He’s the “go to” guy when it’s time to stop the federal government in its tracks.

The Texas Association of Business recognized George as a “Fighter for Free Enterprise.” The Texas Conservative Roundtable called him a “Lone Star Conservative Leader.” He’s A-rated by the NRA and known as one of the staunchest supporters of the right to life of the unborn.

East Texans know that George is one of us when it comes to the issues, from lower taxes and less government to property and water rights to fighting Obama, we’re all the same. George will tell you he’s just the guy who picked up the flag when we needed him.

Join George in the fight to defend our East Texas values. Sign up, today!

George on The


Support the Constitution: YES
Federal intrusion: NO
Obamacare: NO
Illegal Immigration: NO
Property Rights: YES
Pro-Life: YES
2nd Amendment: YES
Protect Our Water Rights: YES
Lower Taxes: YES
Limited Government: YES

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